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Posted by IramK on 19-Nov-2015 10:30


I have a many to many relationship between two objects (A & B) and I am trying to get the ID's of the related field B from the view page of record A using the token (lets say: {!R12345#id}). However when I do this, its only giving me the first value and not the others. When I try to get the value i.e. {!R12345#value}, it returns all the values (text). Is this a known issue? Is there any other way I can get all the ID's using the token?

PS: Don't want to use rbf_getRelatedIds2() :)



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Posted by Santosh Patel on 24-Nov-2015 03:15

Unfortunately there is no token-based way to retrieve the related IDs list. We have added a requirement for a new token to give the list of ids (most probably {!R12345#ids} ) which will return comma-separated ids that can be passed to an array in javascript. Should be available in the next major release.

rbf_getRelatedIds2 is the workaround until then.

Posted by IramK on 24-Nov-2015 03:17

When is this major release expected? => February 2016?



Posted by Santosh Patel on 24-Nov-2015 06:15

Q1 2016 :)

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 25-Nov-2015 12:40

Next one will be called V4.1 and tentatively for end of February.

Posted by IramK on 21-Jun-2016 07:23

Hello Santosh,

This hasn't been fixed. I have an account that has multiple contacts and I am trying to get all the contact ID's using the token. It just returns the first contact. Could you confirm that it has been fixed please?


Posted by IramK on 05-Aug-2016 06:34


Is there any update on a fix for this?


Posted by IramK on 07-Dec-2016 11:25

Hi [mention:c6ad25f95bb84e839bc6845bc8789e44:e9ed411860ed4f2ba0265705b8793d05] ,

Is there an update on this?


Posted by Thierry Ciot on 07-Dec-2016 11:52

No update for now.

Posted by on 07-Dec-2016 22:00

rbf_getRelatedIds2() is a pain to use on the client-side. I suggest using another method where you can create a formula field and use rbv_api.getRelatedIds2() as your return value.


Field: relatedObjBs

Return type: String


var x = rbv_api.getRelatedIds2(param,param,param);

return x.join(',');

This would minimize your AJAX calls on the client-side and you may access the data in a token-like manner.

Hope this helps and makes it a bit easier to use on the view page.

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