Detach a record - Client side - New UI

Posted by IramK on 17-Nov-2015 05:53


Is it possible to carry out a detach action from the client side using scripts? Kindly let me know.



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Posted by Manooj Murali on 24-Nov-2015 00:21

Hi Iram -

We don't have a client side api to detach a record. I see that you have also raised a similar request on another forum post . Is this one a different requirement than the other or same?


Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 24-Nov-2015 00:29

Iram, we do not have a public client-side API (UI Action driven) to acheive this. Would suggest you use Ajax API, rbf_updateRecord to make the required changes & then refresh the page component, a related list in this case.

To refresh page component:

var listComp =;

//where 682025 is the cell id of the PageCell that contains this component




Also, request you to post this requirement in IDEA's section with appropriate use-case.

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