New UI - How to set values in Reminder and Duration Fields

Posted by Meryk on 16-Nov-2015 04:06


I have an object with an event, so I am using two fields Reminder (of data Type Reminder) and Duration (of data Type Duration).

How do I set the values in those fields as I need default values set on load? I tried the kendo select method on the combobox of those fields, but it is saying that the combobox is undefined.

Maybe rbf_setFieldValue? But how do I specify the values then ?



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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 16-Nov-2015 04:37

For Page, you can define an onload event handler. See Obj Def -> Pages -> Edit Page -> Properties, to define callback handlers.

Example Handler Definition:

function onloadHandler() {

 try {

   rbf_setFieldValue('duration', 90 * 60 * 1000); //value in milliseconds

   rbf_setFieldValue('reminderMin', 20 * 60 * 1000);  //value in milliseconds


 catch (err) {




Note: Always prefer to use client-side API & not directly work with kendo widgets. Only in case where client-side API is not available to perform a given task opt for working with kendo controls. This way there will never be any compatibility issues when moving onto latest release.

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