What is the limitation of fields per object?

Posted by anaid on 13-Nov-2015 08:09

We are currently on Rollbase version 3.0

What is the limit number of fields per object?

I found the following documentation below, however in my application object, I have a maximum 74 large text fields. I can not create anymore fields after that and the below information is for Rollbase version 2.2

Does the number of fields change for different versions in Rollbase?


• Maximum of 200 string Fields (includes text, email, time, and auto-number Fields, excluding encrypted Fields).

• Maximum of 150 integer Fields (includes checkboxes, lookup Fields and single-select picklists).

• Maximum of 50 decimal Fields (includes currency, decimal and percent Fields).

• Maximum of 50 large text Fields (includes text areas, URL, file uploads, image uploads, multiselection picklists, radio buttons, group of checkboxes and encrypted text Fields).

• Maximum of 50 date and date/time Fields


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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 13-Nov-2015 08:28

The documentation is correct. However in private Cloud one can extend the Rollbase Table Schema to add more columns and modify Shared.Properties File to inform Rollbase on the same. In this case "MaxTxtFields". I guess you have done this at some point of time.

Updating to later versions of Rollbase will not have an issue as current versions also support such schema extensions

However this makes your app less portable as not every Rollbase instance you want to install this app will have the schema changes.

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