When would the set-up/designer and the rest of the pages be

Posted by HosnyA on 12-Nov-2015 06:43

Just out of curiosity; do you have a plan to migrate the rest of the pages (set up, designer, etc.) to Kendo UI and if so when can we expect this coming?

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Posted by murali on 12-Nov-2015 08:52

Yes we do. But our priority right now is to provide awesome experience in the App side, for all devices. I would say q3/2016 by the time we get to Setup side.

Posted by HosnyA on 12-Nov-2015 09:30

Ok, Thanks Murali!

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 13-Nov-2015 08:00

You are asking specifically about updating to Kendo UI.  Are there specific pages where you see the need to use some specific KEndo widget?

Or was your question more general, when will we modernize the setup/admin pages?  Which is more than just using kendo ui :)

If the later, since that work will be probably rolled over multiple releases, please could you outline what your priorities would be?

Posted by HosnyA on 13-Nov-2015 10:06

Hi Thierry,

My question was general in terms of modernisation of the setup and more specifically the designer pages. The reason for asking the question was because the designer pages are still using the old UI. In terms of priority, see the list below;

1. It would be good to have the ability to actually maximise the Scripting window to the size of the view port.

2. JS error notifier in the Scripting Window (something like Js Lint)

3. Intellisense in Script Window without having to press (ctrl + space)

4. General UI improvements to match new UI

5. It would be good to have tabs in the Object Definition Pages (objectView.jsp) and Application Definition Pages (appView.jsp) so that the fields, relations, views, tec. sections go in individual tabs below the summary section. Murali has a screenshot of something similar we have done on the record view pages.


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