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Posted by cmdv on 06-Nov-2015 07:25

I have a Decimal field with 3 decimals ... I'm using comma as decimal seperator .. 

If I enter  0,333  I get the following error :

Gross : 0.33299999999999996 is too large

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 08-Nov-2015 22:58


In current rollbase( version we are able to create record with decimal field value 0,333 successfully.

In which version you are trying?

If you are still having an issue can you  please share the more details.



Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 09-Nov-2015 00:08

If you are on private cloud which database you are using?



Posted by cmdv on 09-Nov-2015 02:25

Even in the latest version ...

It happens when I enter specific decimal values ....

I use , as decimal seperator ... 3 decimals ... 

When I enter 1,728 it says : nett : 1.7280000000000002 is too large

When I enter 1,729 it says : nett : nett : 1.7289999999999999 is too large

When I enter 1,730 it's no problem ...

When I enter 1,731 it says nett : 1.7309999999999999 is too large

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