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Posted by Paulh0763 on 21-Oct-2015 15:33

I have a couple of expression fields that I built...pretty simple at best. However, the fields do not pull in the values correctly on all records. When I debug the field it returns the correct value.

Example - {!amount} - {!setup_and_one_time_fees#value} on some records it will have a true $ value like $1100.00 and other records it will have $0.00 when it should be $540.00. Something odd is happening because you would think this would return an accurate value? The reason why I need the expression field is because I need to be able to run a total on it and you cannot do that with formula fields for the version I am currently on.

I hope this is enough information?

Thanks, :)

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 22-Oct-2015 09:53
Could you post a sample app with some data that illustrates the issue?
Posted by Paulh0763 on 22-Oct-2015 12:06

Yes I can...the two fields on top are formula fields and the two on the bottom are expression fields...same script on both field types. As you can see the Implementation Fees on the bottom is not returning a value for this particular record but the other image shows it returned the correct value. Not sure why this does this??? With that said, at times both expression fields are not returned correctly.

Posted by Thierry Ciot on 22-Oct-2015 19:17

I meant, could create a sample app and export it (in App Setting/More Actions/Generate XML).

It's much easier for support to validate the issue and pass it to engineering if it's a bug.


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