Custom SOAP services in Rollbase

Posted by ithrees on 15-Oct-2015 07:27

Hi All,

I have a system from which I have to communicate rollbase application to update records using SOAP calls. The problem is it can only make the SOAP call using predefined wsdl, means it cannot consume already available SOAP APIs of rollbase.

Is there any possibility to implement a custom SOAP service or api in rollbase additional to whatever already available?
If yes, How?

Thanks in advance,

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 20-Oct-2015 07:58

Rollbase does not allow custom SOAP Service or API. But as long as you have a Private Cloud, you can write custom jsp that acts as the SOAP endpoint.This jsp should receive the SOAP HTTP POST call, parse the XML payload and use the data to make calls into Rollbase using REST and SOAP API.

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