Sending email from any email service providers other than Gm

Posted by ithrees on 15-Oct-2015 00:01


Currently rollbase provides the facility to integrate google mail service and to send mails out from gmail email ids using IMAP server. Is there any way to integrate other service providers such as yahoo, hotmail or any other to enable rollbase applications to send emails from these email ids?

Is there anyway to prevent customers to send emails from the systems' main default email id?


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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 15-Oct-2015 00:27


We can use any other SMTP server to send emails instead of Gmail.

For this we have to use Custom Email Server settings  in Administration Setup.

Example for setting yahoo mail server is as follows:



Posted by ithrees on 15-Oct-2015 05:25

Thank you Rajkumar,

And Is there anyway to block the users sending emails from master tenant email ids?

Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 15-Oct-2015 06:07


No. As for now we d'not have a way.

You can raise it in ideas section(



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