How in rollbase 3 force appid in all generated Rollbase link

Posted by nidk on 09-Oct-2015 03:21


   I have spécific and diffrente script for my apps, but when i a object {A} in app [AA] reference a another object {B} from another apps [AB], i have javascript error because , this object open in application [AA] and not in application [AB].

But if in link , have appdis [AB] id ,  i will not have any problems

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Posted by Sri Harsha on 09-Oct-2015 09:45


Can you please help us understand your requirement more.

1. You have a related field in which you generate a URL. And you are expecting the application ID to which the object belongs to be part of the URL ?

>>  I dont think this is achievable. Rollbase objects are first class citizens. A single object can be part of many applications. So a unique app-id cannot be generated and placed in the url.

2. If possible can you please create a test application where you can reproduce the issue and export the XML and attach to forum query. This will help us to understand and narrow down the issue faster.

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Posted by nidk on 12-Oct-2015 02:52

I explains in detail:

we created the generic libs, which specializes in each application. It is declared in the application "header and footer".

In the property of the edition on page of object used the method of this lib(for custon business rule,...).if not in the same application where object is declared we have errors :the method does not exist for exemple.

Indeed, the object can be used by several application, but for us the change can be done in object  application where is declared first time.


I a client application, and a client object declared inside, I can actually use the client object  in the application management of  call, but the change thereof needs to be changed in the client application because a client is not a call.

We plan to create a redirect to the correct appids if it is not good

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