Are fusion charts no longer supported in the new UI?

Posted by jsniemi79 on 06-Oct-2015 14:16

I upgraded a test environment to v4.0.2 yesterday and the Fusion Charts on my tab are not displaying and say it is unsupported.

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 06-Oct-2015 23:14


Fusion charts are working fine in 4.0.2 for us. Can please check any errors are there in browser console?



Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 07-Oct-2015 02:22

Seems "Chart type not supported" error message displaying from Fustioncharts. Could you please tell what style you are using?.

What was your old Rollbase version?



Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 07-Oct-2015 09:34

We have moved to JavaScript version (from Flash) of Fusion Charts from version onwards

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