Retrieving id of field / relationship on server side

Posted by Aede Hoekstra on 06-Oct-2015 03:02

We have created a workaround for using a quick create in a quick create. For creating the relation between the new objects we use two field and relationship id's. We store those id's in the settings object. Because these id's differ between environments we need to manually fill them in the settings. We would like to create a trigger to fill those id's. But we can't determine them on the server side. On the client side they are available: rbf_getRelationshipDef and rbf_getFieldDef. 

I was wondering if those can available on the server side so we can use them in a trigger. Although I would rather see the quick create in a quick create feature..

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Posted by Sharavan Kumar on 15-Oct-2015 04:39

Hi Aede ,

Currently we do not have server side API to retrieve Field Id / Relationship Id . You can log the request in ideas Page .  We shall take it up as a enhancement.



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