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Posted by Meryk on 23-Sep-2015 10:52


This is a general remark but would be great if sorted.

Here is the scenario : Lets take a Quick Create page with a number of required fields. 

if I go to one of those fields without filling it in, the error message will show saying the field is mandatory. If I do this with all the required fields I will have this error message under each one of them.

I was thinking this is something that should probably be done on Save and not on clicking the field, to make things smoother .. Same way as in the old UI.

Is that something you can consider Please? 

Thank you


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Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 23-Sep-2015 12:37


My two cents.

Mandatory fields are marked with * symbol to indicate them as required fields.

User cannot submit the form without providing values for mandatory fields.

So, if user forgot to provide values to mandatory fields then the current error message inform the user immediately.

If you go with your proposal, user will know the info only when he submitted the form. Here, one extra step is needed.

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 24-Sep-2015 05:55

In Classic UI, we used to do validation ONLY on server side  on submitting a form page.

With New UI revision, we have also added client-side validation. This way, for the basic validations like 'required field', there need not be a server round trip.

Also, with client - side validation, we have configured them to fire on field blur/change event. This way when the user has entered a field & then leaves it in a invalid state, he will be prompted immediately.

Beleive this is an ideal behavior as he/she has the context and can correct any validation failures immeditely.

Posted by Meryk on 24-Sep-2015 09:41

Yes I understand.  Makes sense to leave the basic checks to the client side actually.

I will get back to you later on this.

Thank you


Posted by IramK on 02-Oct-2015 10:17

@Mohammed Siraj: That's good to know that we don't need to do any server side trips for this validation business but I feel that this particular scenario is unnecessary when you come into a new page for the first time and then you have a validation message sitting there for you without you even clicking on anything. I understand that its a great feature to have it on blur/change event but not really required to make it display the error message when you just enter the new page of a record. Have a look at this scenario above.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Oct-2015 06:19

What is happening here is, by default the first field will have focus in object edit pages. Some client side script which runs later on page load seems to be resetting focus, as a result onblur event is fired for the first field & you are seeing validation error. Note that validation error is being reported only on the first field.

Do you see this in all New Record pages & QC pages as well?

Posted by IramK on 09-Oct-2015 06:35

Yes I have noticed this in all New Record and QC pages and I am not changing focus as such using any client-side javascript.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Oct-2015 06:59

One last confirmation Iram, are you seeing this behavior across different browsers?

Posted by IramK on 09-Oct-2015 07:01

Nope just chrome and my colleague @MeryK is experiencing the same.

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 09-Oct-2015 08:40

Right, am able to reproduce this issue on Chrome alone & only for QC pages. That too when it is launched for the second time.

Something is causing the field to lose focus and validation is triggered. This is undesired behavior. Will target to resolve this for 4.0.3.

Posted by IramK on 26-Nov-2015 05:24

Hello Mohammed Siraj,

Has this been fixed in 4.0.3?



Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 27-Nov-2015 10:43

Iram, this is still to be addressed. Will consider it for 4.0.4.

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