New UI - Selector modal not closing after selection

Posted by Meryk on 22-Sep-2015 10:44


I have an idea/question about modals when they are open from a lookup field, i.e when the modal is a lookup selector page. 

Actually, in the case of a one selection, the modal is not closed after selecting the item. And if for example we are already in a modal page and we open another one, which will concretely be on top of the first one and also hiding it, we don't see that the selection has been done and the lookup field filled in. (for e.g: Opening a lookup selector page from a quick create page). 

I understand that the kendo multiselect works like that, but I was thinking that closing the modal should probably be forced in the case of a one selection, as I can see confusion coming from this if the user does not realize the field is filled in behind..

Is that something you can consider please? What about the 4.0.2 release ? :)

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Posted by hmonsalve1981 on 22-Sep-2015 10:58
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Héctor Monsalve
Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 22-Sep-2015 13:09


Selector model will be closed if lookup field allows only one record.

If lookup field accepts multiple records then user has to close the window explicitly.

It is working as same as old UI.

If I understand it correctly, the problem is selector model pop-up length is very large in new UI and it occupies most of the screen space. Due to that, user cannot see the lookup field which is behind the window.

By default it should have minimum length which allows user to see the selected records in lookup field as it is shown in old UI.

Could you please confirm Is this the case that you specified above?

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Posted by Jean Richert on 22-Sep-2015 14:03

@Hector, we are looking into this. Any other @Rollbase members experiencing the same?

Posted by Meryk on 23-Sep-2015 03:34

Hello Chandra,

Not exactly, let me explain :

Let's say we are in an Edit page, and we have a lookup field with only one record selection possible. In that case, the behavior is the same as in the old UI, when the item is selected the selector page is closed.

Now let's say we are in a Quick Create page (which is already a modal), and same we have a lookup field with only one record selection possible. In that case, once the item selected the selector page is NOT closed. So it is behaving as per the case of a multi selection.

I think this issue exists only in Quick Create pages. Can you please try this in a Quick Create and kindly let me know.

Thank you


Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 23-Sep-2015 03:57


Yes. You are correct.

It is an issue in quick create pop-up. Selector pop-up is not getting closed in Quick create pop-up when it allows only one record.

We have one more issue in this area.

Quick Create pop-up doesn't have options to maximize, minimize and refresh where as selector pop-up has it. We should have to handle this.

Will raise issue and let you know once those are fixed.

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Posted by Meryk on 23-Sep-2015 04:02


Yes we mentioned this second issue as well.

Thank you to let me know.



Posted by IramK on 04-Nov-2015 11:29

Hello Chandu,

Any updates on a fix for this?

Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 04-Nov-2015 20:41


Those issues are not yet fixed.

We will let you know the status today.

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Posted by IramK on 05-Nov-2015 11:29

Ok sure, looking forward to your reply.



Posted by Chandrasekhar Gontla on 09-Aug-2016 12:35


The issues mentioned in this thread are fixed.

For reference Issue Ids are #17405 and #17407.

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