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Posted by HosnyA on 22-Sep-2015 06:56

In the New UI we seem to be having lots of redundant Headings in the Header Tool-bar and the Page Title. In addition if the Tab name is the same as the Object name (which is in most cases) the Section title is the same too. 

In the Old UI, we only had a tab title and the section heading. The App selector was quite out of place, therefore wasn't much of an issue.

However in the New UI as the App selector looks like it is part of the current Tool-bar (which is good), it looks like we have many unnecessary headings. For example in the following example our Application Name is Opportunities, The second Tab is called Opportunities, the Object is Called Opportunities and the View is called All Opportunities. In the Old UI we had only one less heading, but it looked ok as they were visually quite different and in different places. Now we have an extra heading because the Header Tool-bar doesn't have the options for Page-title menus. We have tried to make the List a no title-no border section, but that option is not available on the list page.

It would be ideal if the Header Tool-bar can show an active state and have the options for Page-title-menus, and also if we had the no title-no border option on the List Pages. This is just a suggestion for your consideration please.

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 22-Sep-2015 21:00

Yes agree with you on this.  We had some back and forth with Ux group on this.  We will see if we can implement some of your recommendations but I can't promise a specific release at this stage.  We would need to investigate the consequence of no-title no-border on list view.

Thanks. Thierry.

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