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Posted by HosnyA on 21-Sep-2015 05:53

We are loving the New UI and happy that Rollbase is fully responsive now. However, the fact that responsiveness works based on rows and cells rather than columns is a bit lacking in our mind for an application builder which is focused on business applications.

Let me explain.

For example see the following graphic of the default CRM system organised in to logical groups, similar to a standard business application. The form looks great on full screen;

But, look at what happens when it is on a smaller screen as the responsiveness works on a row and cell basis;

And on an even smaller screen;

However what we need is the columns to be responsive rather than cells as that is how most of the business applications work and look like (at least in our experience). We have managed to accomplish this using javascript thank to our Consultant @MeryK. See the screenshot below;

It would be good to have this functionality in Rollbase by default as I can see most customers asking for it.

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Posted by Thierry Ciot on 21-Sep-2015 12:07
Yes.  What we implemented in the first release is “horizontal design”. 
I’m looking into doing “vertical design” on a per section basis in a new release.  By vertical design, I mean all cells in a column will stay together which I think is exactly your use case.
By the way, I see in your example, the large screen form has 3 columns.  It’s usually preferred to use 4 columns, then scale down to 2 on medium screen and then 1 on small screen.  I just wanted to make sure you were aware we added support for up to 4 columns in new ui (from a max of 3 in classic ui).
Posted by HosnyA on 22-Sep-2015 03:13

Hi Thierry,

Thank you for the reply, it is promising to see that you are considering the vertical design. We are delighted.

And yes, we are aware of the possibility of 4 columns. We do use the fourth column when required. This was an application migrated from 3.2 and we did a quick example to demonstrate the requirement. Thank you.



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