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Posted by Thomas Suijkerbuijk on 21-Sep-2015 02:14

As a business rules consultant for Caesar group and Progress Partner, I have many clients for whom I implement Corticon solutions.

More than once, the client requests an easy to use, non-programmatic integration between Rollbase and Corticon. Regrettably the integration between Rollbase and Corticon is not an easy one. Templating the SOAP request to Corticon in Rollbase is not too hard. Parsing the Corticon response message back into Rollbase screens requires significant JavaScript coding and technical programming skills, is inflexible when Rollbase data or the Corticon Decision Service changes, etc. The current programmatic integration is very cumbersome.

To circumvent parsing the response back into Rollbase screens, one could use Datadirect Cloud to create an EDC connection from Corticon to the Rollbase database and persist the results from the decision service. After the decision service terminates, a Rollbase screen refresh can be done to show updated/changed data. This Corticon EDC connection is slow and therefor Rollbase triggers - which enable calling Corticon - time out a lot. For an on premise Rollbase/Corticon client, it is also unacceptable that data from Rollbase must be retrieved via a Cloud connection. One would expect an on premise JDBC connection.

Clients that request a fast response between Rollbase and Corticon are therefor usually disappointed that the request and response for Rollbase to Corticon and back can easily take up to more than 15 secs (using EDC).This is of course not acceptable to clients.

When can we expect a tighter, more user friendly integration (e.g. mapping functionality between Rollbase screens and the request/response of the decision service) between the two solutions which is responsive and agile?

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 23-Sep-2015 05:01

We are looking at tighter integration between Rollbase and Corticon.

Meanwhile I suggest you do the follwoing

Instead of using SOAP request, use REST with JSON to invoke Corticon Server (

Rollbase scripting language is JavaScript and we support REST invocations and handling JSON better than handling XML and this will be faster as JSON parsing is easier in JavaScript.

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