Calendar now showing in Mobile view of the rollbase

Posted by on 30-Aug-2015 22:24

Open rollbase UI in any mobile.

Select any calendar where y have to select day and time.

Calendar is not opening.

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 31-Aug-2015 00:28

Hi Anurag,
I understand from your comments that you would like to access the Rollbase application in mobile but not Rollbase mobile application.
Tried opening-creating a new task/ open existing event of Rollbase application calendar on mobile and it worked fine for me (Attached screenshot)
Please correct me if I have interpreted your concern incorrectly.

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 31-Aug-2015 01:50

Are you using "Mobile-Web" or Class Web UI (PRe 4.0) or New Web UI (4.0 Kendo based) ? I believe you are referring to the latter. Can you share the device and browser used where you are seeing this issue ?

Posted by on 31-Aug-2015 22:31

I am using Mobile-Web. Date picker not working in Mobile-web

Class Web UI (PRe 4.0) or New Web UI (4.0 Kendo based) - is ok

Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 01-Sep-2015 06:17

There is no DatePicker control in Mobile-Web. Are you seeing a change in Mobile-Web UI controls after Rollbase 4.0 release?

Posted by on 01-Sep-2015 18:19

when will y have date picker in Mobile-Web?

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