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Posted by ByronB on 14-Aug-2015 05:44

Hi, I need to map a workflow status field to an external table using a datamap conversion. The field is not available to be mapped?

Also, we tried mapping a workflow status field to a workflow status field in another object and was also not available?

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Posted by Pradeep Kagithalagudem on 21-Aug-2015 04:52

Hi Byron,

To map workflow status field , the workflow attribute should be enabled on External table as well. Also the SQL queries (select,insert and update) to external db needs to be modified to include status_id,process_id columns.

Step 1: Add two columns of Number datatype  for status_id and process_id respectively

Step 2: Edit the object definition of External DB object and enable workflow attribute. Map the status and workflow process fields to above columns created.

Step 3: Adjust the sql queries to include the above new columns in insert,update and select queries.

I tested this on 3.2 and working fine.

Note: Workflow status field mapping will have Field Default o Constant value. If we use Field Default then the workflow status is copied from source object. We cant map arbitrary column to workflow status.

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