Backup batch job initialized from "Run Now" on bat

Posted by jsniemi79 on 10-Aug-2015 10:30

I've been seeing an issue with backup jobs I'm trying to initialize not get started in the queue.  I'm on the private cloud and v3.2.1 right now.  I simply click run now to create a new backup from a batch job that is supposed to run nightly.  I can see that the job is placed in the queue, but it does not run immediately.  I know they used to process right away, so I'm not sure what causes them to start.  If you look at the below screen shot, you can see that it was created about 5 minutes ago.  This backup still hasn't started and it normally took less than a minute to complete.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 10-Aug-2015 10:53

Could you please click on "Jobs Log File" button and share the log info?



Posted by jsniemi79 on 10-Aug-2015 11:23

Here is a screen shot of the jobs log file. You can see the last two backups that were successful and the timing, but his one just sits there and doesn't start.

Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 10-Aug-2015 11:49

In the screenshot, batch job's started at value is missing. While creating batch job what is the date and time you provided for StartAt Field and is it repeated for 1 day?



Posted by jsniemi79 on 10-Aug-2015 12:43

There is no started at value.  That's what I'm saying.  It just places it in the queue.  I got it in the queue by clicking run now on the batch.  The batch itself starts nightly at 11:55 and repeats daily.  However, that isn't working all the time either. I'm assuming it has to do with the fact the batch is already in the queue and not running immediately like it did before.

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