rbv_api.updateRecord doesnt update text fields if you are bl

Posted by spope-rollbase on 09-Aug-2015 23:37

There is a related thread from 2010, but that is talking about zero values and numeric fields.

"rbv_api.updateRecord doesnt update a number of records if zero values are inputed. - See more at: https://community.progress.com/community_groups/rollbase/f/25/p/6168/24400.aspx#24400"

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem, and if it is potentially a bug?

Rollbase does not appear to update text field values using rbv_api.updateRecord , if the updated text field value is blank or null.

It simply leaves the previous value in the text field.


  • This works: " " (resolutionDetails blanked out)
  • var blankR43924 = {};
  • var x = {R43924:blankR43924, resolutionDetails:" ", DateCompleted:null};
  • rbv_api.updateRecord("lxtt_workticket", {!id}, x);
  • This does not work: "" (resolutionDetails) left as they were
  • var blankR43924 = {};
  • var x = {R43924:blankR43924, resolutionDetails:"", DateCompleted:null};
  • rbv_api.updateRecord("lxtt_workticket", {!id}, x);

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Posted by Manooj Murali on 10-Aug-2015 01:02

Hi -

I created a simple test case, where I have a field 'text1' and a update field value trigger which runs after Create/after update and does the following:

var x = {text1: ""};

rbv_api.updateRecord("test", {!id}, x);

Everytime, I create a record, I gives some value to text1 which is blanked out as soon as the record is created or updated.

Can you please explain your test case in more detail & what version of rollbase you are on? (My test case is on the soon to be out 4.0)


Posted by spope-rollbase on 10-Aug-2015 16:08

We are on

I have a status change page for reopening a ticket.

After the status page is completed it runs a trigger to clear out the resolution (Relationship R43924), the text field resolution details, and the Date completed field.

The resolution (Relationship R43924),  and the Date completed field are being cleared out as expected.

The text field resolution details is only being cleared if the string is not empty: resolutionDetails:" "; it is not clearing the field if I use either of the following: resolutionDetails:"" (no spaces between quotes), or: resolutionDetails:null


Posted by Manooj Murali on 21-Aug-2015 02:21

Could you please share the app xml and directions to reproduce the issue ?


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