Peculiar, persistent, perplexing portal data update problem

Posted by ceteris on 01-Aug-2015 16:53

The peculiar Portal side update problem I describe below and document in the attached pdf file is almost identical to the problem reported in this forum last September Portal data only update after re-login.  

9:17 am:  A new (blank) record is created on the Administrative side.

9:34 am:  On the Portal side, the record is updated with text and saved.  On the Administrative side, this update is accurately reflected in the audit trail, which shows the Updated At time as 9:34 am,  and the correct before- (blank) and after- (text) values for the updated field.  When the record is opened again on the Portal side, however, the Updated At time shows 9:17 am instead of 9:34 am, and the field value is blank - consistent with the 9:17 am Updated At creation time.  Moreover, these Portal side values do not change after refreshing the page repeatedly – sometimes over over the course of hours. Nor, typically, do the Portal side values change after logging out and back in.  As you can see in the attached example, however, when the apparently-blank record is saved again at 9:35 am on the Portal side, the refreshed page shows the Updated At time as 9:34 am instead of 9:35 am, and displays the updated text field consistent with the 9:34 am update. This apparent Postal side update, however, is illusory. As the attached example shows, the Administrative side audit trail following the 9:35 am update correctly shows the after- update field value as now blank.

I'd appreciate any suggestions, insights, or hunches that might explain the source of this update-lag issue and point me toward a solution.

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 04-Sep-2015 07:19

Can you log a support case with App XML attached ?

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 06-Aug-2015 05:15

Can you log a case with Support and attach the app with portal to reproduce the issue ?

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 21-Aug-2015 02:38

Can you share the App XML that includes the forum with us ?

Also share version of Rollbase and Database used..

Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 04-Sep-2015 07:19

Can you log a support case with App XML attached ?

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