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Posted by ByronB on 27-Jul-2015 06:39


So I have created some external tables and mapped them within RB. One issue I am facing is that I cant create a 1:M relationship between RB object and external object, the only two options available in the dropdown are:

External Object 1:1 RB Object

External Object 1:M RB Object

I need to have either M:M or External Object M:1 RB Object

Any specific reason why thos two relationship types are not available?

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 27-Jul-2015 07:11

Hi Byron,

looks like this is expected behavior when using External tables. Relationships involving external objects support only below scenarios:

1. 1-1 or 1-N cardinality when establishing a relationship between an external object and another external object or a Rollbase Native object.

2. 1-1 or N-1 cardinality when establishing a relationship between a Rollbase Native object and an external object.

Refer below documentation URL for more information:



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