The values from the radio button setup might influence the r

Posted by MaciejA on 02-Jul-2015 04:41

Hi everyone,

Recently I came across very weird issue.

I created the object with two fields:
extension - Text field
type - Radio Buttons field, with values set to " PDF|pdf "

I add few rows with different values in the extension field, few of them with the word "pdf".

In the add page I add two selectQuery functions:

to return all values from the extension field:
rbf_selectQuery("SELECT extension FROM select_test", 10000, function(d){

and this one to return only values which equals to "pdf":
rbf_selectQuery("SELECT extension FROM select_test WHERE extension='pdf'", 10000, function(d){

Now, when I opened the add page, in the JavaScript console I saw two lines. First with the array of all values from the extension field, correct. Second line returned empty array when I would expect at list array with three values. (there are three records with extension equals to "pdf").

When I changed values in the radio buttons field settings from PDF|pdf to PDF|pdffile then second selectQuery started to return proper values.

It looks like the declared values in the radio buttons created some kind of forbidden word for the selectQuery.

Is it only in my system or it is a general issue.


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Posted by pvorobie on 02-Jul-2015 11:16

Is this about naming conflict?

Posted by Yuriy Kupershmidt on 02-Jul-2015 17:03

I have investigated the case. It is a general behavior and it is a bug. The sql parser  tries to find an enumeration value (‘pdf’ in this case) for the object and if found substitutes it with the id. The problem is that it doesn’t include the field name in this search. So it would return correct value if the condition was type = ‘pdf’ Any other field returns wrong result.
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Posted by MaciejA on 03-Jul-2015 03:21

OK, so we know that it is the bug. Do you know when it might be resolved?

Thank you.



Posted by Mani Kumar on 20-Jul-2015 03:23


There is a defect # PSC00335938 logged for this issue and is expected to be fixed in the 4.0 release.



Posted by Manooj Murali on 21-Aug-2015 02:00

FYI. This has be deferred to release at the moment.

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