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We have many batch jobs planned on our customers (about 10 to 40 depending on the customer zone), and we have about 40 customer zones.

Most of the batch jobs are daily batch jobs scheduled to run at night.

Since a few monthes we are experiencing more and more trouble with batch jobs not re-scheduling. Some of them are still planned to run on june 25th, others on june 28th etc. (We are on june 30th right now)

The batch jobs are not running nor are they re-schedulling.

For your information, we are still using Rollbase and plan to migrate to the latest version (4.0) this summer (maybe around august)

I just discovered the "MaxRecurrEvents" key in the documentation. We have not set this one in our, which means that it uses default value: 300. Could this be why I have issues with batch jobs?

Can you confirm that my problems with batch jobs may be because of the non-usage of this key? Can this key be used in Rollbase

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We have had this kind of problems for years (batch jobs not rescheduling), and we are really into dark places when it comes to resolving this issue.

For your information, we are using the following configuration in our (in all servers):

# Max number of events inducted by runtime event Défaut : 100


# Max number of events inducted by delayed event Défaut : 10


# Temps total d'execution de l'ensemble des triggers (after create/update ...) Défaut : 30000 (ms)


# Nombre de caractères maximum dans les formules et triggers. Défaut : 10240


Also, we have two separate storage servers, and this batch job issue appears in both servers.

Posted by Mani Kumar on 30-Jun-2015 07:42

Hi Romain,

Can you please share the Jobs Log Files for each tenant or "Alljobs.log" file from the Master.

Also, please mention names Batch Jobs which are not rescheduled.



Posted by pvorobie on 30-Jun-2015 10:57

Old version does not re-schedule jobs if error occurred during execution. This bug is now fixed. Please consider moving to new version. You can also restart jobs using UI.

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