Multilanguage issue conversion map.

Posted by koreem on 17-Jun-2015 03:42

When I'm setting a textfield trough a "constant or expression" in a conversion map, only the English translation is shown, despite the fact that there's a Dutch translation. When I use the same expression in a trigger, the Dutch translation is shown. I think this is a bug. 

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Posted by Mani Kumar on 17-Jun-2015 03:49

Hi Koree,

Can you please help me with the version of Rollbase on which you have encountered this issue?

Also, Can you please check the base language set for this particular user.



Posted by koreem on 17-Jun-2015 03:53

Hi Makumar,

The base language is English. Foreign languages are Dutch and French. Release is

Posted by pvorobie on 17-Jun-2015 11:16

Looks like defect.

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