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Posted by ddubois on 10-Jun-2015 09:27

I use Telerik Reporting with my websites.  Now that I am using Rollbase, can Telerik reporting be integrated with it or are there plans to integrate Telerik reporting with rollbase?

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Posted by Bill Wood on 10-Jun-2015 09:41

This is an idea that is on longer term roadmap -- still being evaluated.    I assume you are asking about incorporating the HTML reports as 'pages' in Rollbase, or as a standalone 'report portal' from Telerik Reporting.    

The challenge (or issue) from Rollbase perspective is that the report designer is Windows tool (or a Visual Studio plugin).  There are also some runtime issues related to needing a .NET compatible server and then connectivity to Rollbase over ODBC, but those are secondary.

Do you have more thoughts on what you were looking for:

- was it Telerik Reporting as a separate portal?

- or Telerik Reporting embeded in Rollbase pages?

Posted by ddubois on 10-Jun-2015 11:43

Hi Bill...Yes, incorporating it into Rollbase pages would be nice.  However, if we can access our Rollbase data, then I suppose a separate portal would work as well.  Really, what I like about Telerik Reporting is the comprehenisve tools it has and the amount of flexibility it has to make great looking reports. It might be easier to enhance rollbase reporting as an alternative. 

We can access rollbase data through data direct, I wondering if we can already use Telerik reporting with this datadirect connection?


Posted by Bill Wood on 10-Jun-2015 11:55
>>> We can access rollbase data through data direct
You can access Rollbase data via DataDirect Cloud.   For an on-premises Rollbase, and an on-premises Telerik Reporting portal, then you would be hopping through “the cloud” on each data request.    This does not seem very useful to the customers we have discussed it with.   A direct Connect ODBC driver for Rollbase does not exist, otherwise that would be a useful way to go.
If Rollbase is hosted, and your Telerik Reporting server is ‘somewhere’ then you could use this via the ODBC data source in Telerik Reporting. Telerik Reporting does have better affordances for ADO.NET data sources than for ODBC, so you get less help creating the SQL for the report.

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