rbf_openPdf and portals

Posted by Feavere on 21-May-2015 08:25


Is there a way of getting the the rollbase "rbf_openPdf()" to work on a portal page?

I am trying to get some kind of PDF button to work on an Objectview portal page without much success.  Is it possible? or am I going to have to do it another way?



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Posted by pvorobie on 21-May-2015 11:09

Currently we do not offer conversion of portal pages into PDF documents. Please submit enhancement request for this new feature.

Posted by Feavere on 26-May-2015 03:10


I will raise it as an enhancement request now. Thank you!!!

In the mean time I don't suppose anyone has any examples???  I found the scripts supplied as examples from PD4ml quite convoluted.  I will continue to play about with it.

Many Thanks,


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