dynamic http link to the view with filter values

Posted by MaciejA on 20-May-2015 09:48


I wonder if anyone came across such scenario?

Is there any way to dynamically create a link to the view with predefined filter settings? Filter settings will change for each link.  

There is the client-side function which is doing something similar (rbf_getPage2()), but instead of redirecting to new page it returns an array with filtered records. What I need is an redirection to view page with filtered records. 

Help much appreciated. Thank you.



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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 20-May-2015 11:21

Hi Maciej,

I don't know if there's a way to implement this on a generic page. You can use advanced tokens to display reports in the page instead of redirecting them to a generic page. The report's original ID will be used in place of the view ID and filters can also be applied. 



This token renders the following report in the page. See screenshot below. 



Posted by MaciejA on 21-May-2015 02:56

Thanks Godfrey,

I will give it a go.



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