Strange Data Maintenance Batch Behavior on Related Record

Posted by cohezive on 12-May-2015 19:40

We have a data maintenance batch job that calls a custom trigger to make an outbound service call.  On return from the trigger, an increment update is made to an integer counter on a related object.

All this works fine until we exceed about 430 updates.  Then the related object counter just stops updating.  We are tracking both in the jobs logfile when the values do not match.  The specific point the related record update stops is not consistent but it's consistently in the 430-460 count range.

To confirm this, we implemented a shared value to track the counter independent of the related record update.  This counter works as expected and continues to increment beyond the related record counter.

It seems like the transaction is simply not updating the related record.  We reset the counter on the next batch and the problem just repeats itself to the same limit.

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Posted by Anoop Premachandran on 13-May-2015 01:13

What is the Rollbase version you are using ? How many records are present in the object in which you are iterating ?

Can you share the batch job object script ?

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