Exclude parent Account from Hierarchy relationship selector

Posted by ByronB on 12-May-2015 08:21

Hi, if you have a Hierarchy relationship for Parent / Child relationships. When you select a child Account the originating Parent record should be excluded from the selector list as you cant have a child record the same as the parent record surely? Is there anyway of excluding the parent account from the selector view?

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Posted by Meryk on 12-May-2015 08:27

Just to complete what Byron is saying, and more generally, when having a Hierarchy relationship, it is possible to make a record parent of itself, or child of itself, which does not make sense for the behavior we want to achieve.

We already tried a Data Validation Record, but it doesn't seem to stop the attach. (the error message is showing though).

Is there a way to do this please ? Either by filtering the View selector, or by returning an error if the same current element is selected as parent/child.


Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 12-May-2015 14:06
Not that I know of. You can filter the lookup fields using rbf_setLookupFilter() function only if the operand is "equals". However, you can still use validation triggers to avoid linking of the same records in new/edit pages.

Note: Validation triggers do not fire on the "Attach" button.
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