PDF files with accent can't be opened on Google Chrome

Posted by romain.pennes@foederis.fr on 11-May-2015 09:56


Since a recent Google Chrome update, it is not possible anymore to view a PDF file which has an accent in its name using the "Chrome PDF Viewer" plugin of Google Chrome (this is the standard way to visualize PDFs using Google Chrome).

For instance, if I upload a PDF file named "Mélanie.pdf" to Rollbase and then try to open it using Googe Chrome, all I see is a "grey" page (Nothing shows up). I can still save the file to my computer and then open it using Adobe Reader for instance.

However, if I upload a PDF file name "Melanie.pdf" (without accent) to Rollbase and then try to open it using Google Chrome, it shows just fine.

Can you take a look at this?

I noticed it in our private Cloud Instance as well as in the Hosted Cloud instance.

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Posted by pvorobie on 11-May-2015 10:47

I confirm the issue, but it seems to be problem on browser's side, not on Rollbase side. Please use "Save As" option to save file as local copy. Or use FireFox (works fine).

I'd recommend you submit issue to Chrome team.

Posted by romain.pennes@foederis.fr on 11-May-2015 11:00

Yes I agree it seems to be a Chrome issue.

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Posted by OctavioOlguin on 11-May-2015 13:14

I'm uninistalling Chrome from all the computers in my company.

The latest update, removes java support, making it completely usesless for the needs of my users (Governmet pages, video camera managing soft, nas storage, etc, etc, etc)

Goodbye for now, Chrome.

Posted by romain.pennes@foederis.fr on 12-May-2015 02:42


I didn't know that.

Could this be why the PDF viewer isn't working anymore with Rollbase if an accent is included in the file name?

I read that Google Chrome stopped supporting "NPAPI" in april 2015, with version 42 onwards.

This is exactly the period since when we've had trouble opening PDF files using Google Chrome.

If this is linked, can Rollbase update something so that it can work using Google Chrome? Because it apprently isn't a Chrome bug, but a choice Google Chrome team made to stop supporting certain technologies.

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Posted by Bill Wood on 12-May-2015 06:20

The Rollbase team does not ship any plugin for Chrome PDF viewing -- they generate a file on the server, and that file is a valid PDF file, but there is no direct component or plug-in related to this.   There are a variety of posts on Chrome forums related to the changes in the April release of Chrome (for example - productforums.google.com/forum).   This is a Google "Chrome PDF Viewer" plug-in issue, and Rollbase users are not the only ones upset by this.  

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