Offline data access and syncing with Rollbase

Posted by Patrick Tingen on 08-May-2015 12:22

One of our customers is rethinking one of their business processes. This process involves inspectors being on the road to inspect goods to buy for the company. Most of the time there is no internet connection available when they are doing this. Currently they write down everything important and type it in at night or on friday when they are back in an area with internet or when they are back in the office. 

The kind of work they do would be perfect for a RollBase application we think, because it involves a lot of workflow and our current backend is a progress database. 

The main question is: is it possible to develop a RollBase application that will run in offline mode on a tablet device? And will it be possible to store data on it and synchronize that with the backend when there is an internet connection? For tablet device, this may be any device, varying from iPad to Windows based tabled. 

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Posted by DimitriG4 on 09-May-2015 02:27


Posted by Bill Wood on 09-May-2015 05:01

The short answer is "no".  Rollbase UI relies on AJAX calls to the server for its native UI.

You can build a separate tablet app (eg in Telerik Platform) that is an offline app with DataSync.  But this is not something you can do only with Rollbase

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