Calc_Sum totalling field in the current view

Posted by ddubois on 05-May-2015 09:12

Can we alter the condition on this formula to sum up the donations listed in the current view for this donor?  Currently is sums up the donation amount for the entire donation object.  I want to then take the total of the donations for this view and divide by its count to get the average donation for this donor.



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Posted by pvorobie on 05-May-2015 11:11

Yes, you can. In Formula helper UI choose Related Object > SUM of dependent. Token will look like this:

#CALC_SUM.R873944( Amount | true )

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 05-May-2015 11:22


I think this is a duplicate thread to Calc_Sum totalling field in the current view.

Please see comment by pvorobie on how to use calc_sum.



Posted by ddubois on 05-May-2015 11:22

I am trying to total the donations for a particular donor.  The current view lists the donations for this donor only.  Can we include a condition in the above calculation to include donations for this current donor?

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 06-May-2015 15:01

Thank you for the info shared to this thread, I have written an article out from this topic.

See it here: How to use Calc_Sum to get the total of child records in the current view


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