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Posted by daniel.skerry on 04-May-2015 00:57

I'm trying to implement pessimistic locking on a Rollbase portal. I have set the object 'Lockable' attribute and have been attempting to manipulate the 'isLocked' field of the associated object, with inconsistent results. I just need to be able to open a page, and lock the associated record as the page opens, then release the lock when the page is closed.

I have tried using the page 'onload' and 'onsubmit' in conjunction with rbf_setField to manipulate the 'isLocked' field, but this isn't working for me.

I also tried creating a two triggers to lock and unlock the record, then calling them from the portal using rbf_runTrigger, but this again didn't work.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Posted by pvorobie on 04-May-2015 11:17

'Lockable' attribute probably will not help: it was designed to temporary lock records for modification. We have pessimistic locking for regular Users, but not for Portal visitors. Please consider using regular Users instead.

Posted by daniel.skerry on 05-May-2015 20:26

Temporarily locking records for modification is exactly the functionality I require, so to me, the 'Lockable' attribute sounds like exactly what I am after. I'm also not using a portal visitor, I am using a portal user. How would I use a regular user in a portal to provide pessimistic locking?

Posted by Gian Torralba on 06-May-2015 07:18

That feature is only available in the native application. You need to do a custom function that set's the lock on record on load of the page. Did you try creating a trigger that runs on load of the page to lock the record?

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