Invalid formula keyword found: ServerSideAPI (#EVAL)

Posted by MarkT on 01-May-2015 16:28

Hi All,

I've created a script component and ultimately I would like to use #EVAL[] to return a message to the client side (browser) for me to growl to the user. The problem is I keep getting "Invalid formula keyword found: ServerSideAPI" no matter what rbv_api I use within the test eval block.  Am I missing some sort of set up here?  I don't seem to be able to use any server side api's

I'm also intending to use sendJSONrequest as I need to call a REST service that is on a PUT verb to grab the message, is this a sensible way of getting that infomation back to the browser?  If not, what is the normal approach for this?



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Posted by pvorobie on 04-May-2015 11:19

Please provide snippet of your client-side code, including <script> tags.

Posted by pvorobie on 04-May-2015 11:20

I would not recommend using Rollbase REST calls on UI page, please consider using AJAX API instead.

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