Delayed Triggers not working in different tenant

Posted by nitharshan on 20-Apr-2015 06:52

Hi All,

My rollbase Application has  a Delayed Trigger, It works fine in the development tenant but when I deploy it on a different tenant the Delayed Trigger is not working? Any suggestions??

Thank you


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Posted by Mani Kumar on 20-Apr-2015 07:19

Hi Nitharshan,

There could be multiple reasons behind this. Potential ways to identify the root cause are as below :

> Check if Query API permissions are enabled

> Verify that the trigger has been added to the queue (Settings ->Administration Setup -> Batch Jobs -> Queue)

> Debug trigger using log API.

> Also, custom trigger jar file (and all supporting jar files) needs to be in all of the following Pas_Instance/webapps directories:

a. master

b. prod1

c. rest

d. search

e. storage

f. webapi

g. workflow



Posted by pvorobie on 20-Apr-2015 11:07

Delayed trigger will run on "workflow" server, not on "prod1" server. So please make sure your trigger is properly installed.

Posted by nitharshan on 21-Apr-2015 00:23

Thanks makumar & pvorovie

There is no custom trigger. We use only the default triggers.

Why it's not working in a new tenant in the same rollbase environment, it was working in development tenant?

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