"Restart" in Batch Jobs is not aligned to Batch Ti

Posted by cohezive on 10-Apr-2015 09:47

When "Restart Now" button is selected for an Hourly Batch, the Next Run date being created is daily.  The Rollbase process should be looking at the Batch timing (hourly, daily, etc) and responding accordingly.  

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Posted by pvorobie on 10-Apr-2015 11:50

We have "Restart All" and "Run Now" buttons, but no "Restart Now" button. Please clarify what do you mean.

Posted by cohezive on 13-Apr-2015 23:43

Sorry - it's just "Restart" - As shown in the second row (to the left of 142684317).   If I click restart, the value of "Will Run At" increases by a day - not an hour (this is an hourly batch job in Private Cloud).

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 11-May-2015 17:46


I have tested in the current version, and seems the issue is not occurring.

When clicking restart the "Will Run At" value stays the same.



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