Not Allowing Duplicate Values In Two Combined Fields.

Posted by ithrees on 10-Apr-2015 01:36

Hi All,

Is there anyway to define to not allow the system to create a record if the combination of two field values already in the system like having a multiple field index as primary key.

Thanks in advance,

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 10-Apr-2015 01:40

Hi ithrees,

We can achieve it by using Unique Fields Combination Trigger.



Posted by ithrees on 10-Apr-2015 04:00

Hi Rajkumar,

This is not working when I create the record from portal, Is there anything I am missing here?



Posted by pvorobie on 10-Apr-2015 14:11

I can see Unique Value trigger working as expected on Portal page. Please verify that your trigger:

- deployed

- configured to run "before create"

Posted by ithrees on 16-Apr-2015 01:15

It is deployed and the timing is set to 'before create' but still it is not validating the trigger. It happens in portal and android mobile app as well but it is validating in the web.

Posted by ithrees on 16-Apr-2015 02:48

I think the issue here is I am validating here two related fields together which is not working in the portal and mobile but in web it is working. This trigger type in working in the portal when the fields are its own defined fields.

So, as in my case how can I validate these two related fields?

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