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Posted by on 10-Apr-2015 00:43

Good Morning.

Is there a way to reset auto-number fields to start from eg 1 again after I have deleted all records?

I am testing a development and the number just keep on incrementing as it should.

I now want to reset the field to 1.

Please help. 

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Posted by Mohammed Siraj on 10-Apr-2015 05:08

Updating 'Starting Number' field property in Auto Number field definition should ideally suffice to reset counter starting value.

However,  we also track the increment counter in an in-memory object. This in-memory counter value is prevailing over any explictly reset 'Starting Number' field property value. We are tracking this as a defect PSC00330805 & this issue will be resolved soon on production systems.

But as you have stated that you have this requirement in your development environment, you can employ the following workaround:

Restart Locally Running Server

After re-start, as first thing, update 'Starting Number' field property on AutoNumber field definition.

Next create an object record. This record will be assigned an incremented counter value starting form the newly reset value.

Posted by on 10-Apr-2015 05:19

Thanks a lot Msiraj.

I will try the workaround.

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