Automatically Updating Records

Posted by chad.houghton on 09-Apr-2015 13:03

I currently work with some software that is creating a file in XML format every 2 minutes. I need Rollbase to be able to read that file when it gets updated every 2 minutes and update any changed records. The reason for this is so that Portal Users can log on and view updated information. Then after Portal Users update records, I need Rollbase to export a CSV file so that it can be imported back into my other software. How do you do this in Rollbase? Thanks.

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Posted by pvorobie on 09-Apr-2015 13:22

You can create Batch Job to scan all changed records and generate report (XML file) on these records. However Rollbase Public Cloud ( only allows Batch Jobs to run every 24 hours. You can bypass this limitation if you run your own installation of Rollbase - Private Cloud.

Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 09-Apr-2015 16:58
You can use HTTP APIs in your batch jobs to send the request and receive the response. Please check the documentation ( for more information.
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