Attach Related Record - Run Trigger On Update

Posted by IramK on 01-Apr-2015 04:08


I am trying to run a "Create Record" trigger when I attach a related record. I have specified my Data Conversion Map and I'm using that in my Create Record trigger. However, this trigger almost starts to run and then the "Debug" window says: 

 Checking trigger: New Record (ID=12345)
  No need to run this trigger on this record
Finished ON_AFTER_UPDATE on The Main Record (ID=678910)

Any suggestions on why this is happening and How I can create a new record when someone attaches a related record? Kindly let me know.


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Posted by pvorobie on 01-Apr-2015 11:31

The system may decide to skip particular trigger for multiple reasons. Please check this for more info:

Posted by Gian Torralba on 02-Apr-2015 15:13

You can also the permissions, syntax of the method, parameters to see all are correct.

Let us know if you found out what is causing the issue.

Thank you,
Posted by IramK on 02-Apr-2015 15:24

Couldn't find what was causing the issue. It just decided to ignore the trigger and move on for some unknown reason.

Posted by Gian Torralba on 03-Apr-2015 10:26

Can you check the permission of the user that is running the create record trigger? You may also check the conversion map you are using if all mapping is correct.

Thank you,
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