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Posted by ByronB on 23-Mar-2015 12:09

Hi guys,

I have the following requirements:

1. All new records for Object A require an approval process automatically (Status "Pending Approval")
2. Send email to a user group (Director / Administrator) for approval for every newly created record

  • If Accepted changed the status to Accepted
  • If Rejected, a reason should be supplied. An email sent to the user who created the record with the reason for rejection. The record should then be deleted 

Now from what I can see if you use the Approval application, an approval process can only be initiated via the approval action? So the record gets created, after that gets sent for approval? Seems like an extra, un needed step to me. Is there anyway around this?

It would also appear that you can only select a list of approvers via the above action?

Basically we are needing this to be automated for all newly created records.

I looked at using just workflow for the requirements using 2 actions for all pending records (Accept and Reject) but on the Send Email trigger I cant seem to find a reliable way of assigning a group of approvers (except for adding them in manually which is not ideal).

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Posted by pvorobie on 23-Mar-2015 12:26

Rollbase Approval process is all about changing Workflow status: to "Approved" or "Rejected". So data record has to be created first. Then upon status change to "Approved" you can perform further appropriate actions.

Posted by ByronB on 23-Mar-2015 12:33

I appreciate that, but from what I can see an approval process gets initiated (started) through the Approval action that gets created when assigning the Approval attribute? There you can select the approvers etc

So a record gets created, someone clicks "Object A Approval" on the newly created Objects View page which then starts the approval process. That record then appears in the Approvals object. I would like to basically initiate the approval process for all new records automatically instead of through the workflow action?

Not sure if this is making sense here.

Posted by pvorobie on 23-Mar-2015 13:00

I don't think you can initiate approval process automatically. It has to be done through UI.

Posted by ByronB on 24-Mar-2015 05:31

Well that is not ideal, it would make perfect sense to me to be able to initiate an approval process automatically for all newly created records. Seems like an un needed extra step in the process.

Would I be able to achieve this through workflow?

How could I assign a group of "approvers" that would receive the email trigger? I would also need to be able to get to the user that initiated the workflow action of approve / reject for the record.

Posted by pvorobie on 24-Mar-2015 11:09

We can provide server-side API to start approval process: tracking enhancement as PSC00329655

Posted by ByronB on 24-Mar-2015 11:17
That would be great thank you
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