Losing Focus on Application when viewing/editing a specific

Posted by cohezive on 20-Mar-2015 09:46

This is just an annoying "feature."

When working on an application, I have had to update a number of objects.   Unfortunately, when I select the object for view/edit, Rollbase looses focus on the application and displays the breadcrumbs for Setup (not the application).

Granted, the objects are in Setup, but they are organized differently than my application (core vs dependent vs relationships).

The result of this is loss of focus is the need to continuously select the Application on the left hand tap to get back to the main.

Is there a reason why Rollbase doesn't return to the entry point into the UI action?

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Posted by pvorobie on 20-Mar-2015 11:39

There are links to Applications on Object View page. Perhaps that may help.

Posted by cohezive on 20-Mar-2015 15:47

Not true of Dependent Objects or Complex Relationship objects.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 25-Mar-2015 17:12


Are you referring to this menu where you can select the application? see image below.



Posted by Manooj Murali on 27-Mar-2015 03:33

Can you please provide screenshots of the issue and your expectations?

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