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Posted by matman on 19-Mar-2015 07:41


I'm using the formula field in a view to select only a group of realtors in my system.

Realtors are coupled to groups, and users that can log in are coupled to these groups. I want realtors to be only visible to users that are in the group that is assigned to this realtor. To do this I'm using this code in the formula: 

R115171597 IN ( SELECT id, name FROM $GROUP WHERE R2354869 = {!} )

This however gives me an error when open this view: 

Error: Error in SQL Query ListView=108173991 SELECT COUNT(A.OBJ_ID) FROM RB_OBJ_DATA A WHERE A.OBJ_DEF_ID=108173935 AND (A.INTG9 IN ( SELECT A.OBJ_ID, A.OBJ_NAME FROM $GROUP WHERE R2354869 = 108173687 ) ) Table 'rb_cust4.$group' doesn't exist

What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance

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Posted by Orchid Corpin on 19-Mar-2015 10:45

Hi matman,

I think you cannot use "Select" in the formula, these are the only SQL operands can be use at the moment (including LIKE, IN, AND, OR, NOT).

See more in the documentation HERE : Chapter 6: Customizing the User Experience > Working with Views > Filtering by Formula

Hope this may help.



Posted by pvorobie on 19-Mar-2015 11:34

You can only SELECT from one table using Query API.

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