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Posted by ithrees on 18-Mar-2015 23:19

Hi All,

Is it possible to clone a tenant with its all application and data?

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Posted by Rajkumar Mateti on 19-Mar-2015 00:09

Hi Ithrees,

Currently we does not have a option to clone the tenant with all his applications and data.

Could you please let us know the exact use case?



Posted by ithrees on 19-Mar-2015 04:34

Hi Rajkumar,

Thank you for your reply.

In my case, I have set of applications in a tenant where the master data for many objects have been added with their relationships. I want to clone the same thing to another tenant where I can only create different set of users rather create a new tenant, put all generated applications, update all the master records and so on..

Hope you would have got my point.

Posted by Orchid Corpin on 19-Mar-2015 09:45

Hi Ithrees,

You can have export and import of all app XML and if you want to carry over the data you can make use of Seed Record functionality before Generating the XML so after installing the XML to other tenant it already have the records.

Hope this may help.



Posted by ithrees on 20-Mar-2015 04:30

Hi Orchid,

Of course we can go with seed records but we have to upload the images one by one if any records have image field.

Even though the latest version makes easy to seed records but it is not the case when you try to remove them you have to do  one by one. All together we may have to spend some time to have a similar tenant.

Thank you for reply.


Posted by Orchid Corpin on 23-Mar-2015 12:48

Hi Ithrees,

Currently seed record cannot copy file upload and image upload fields from a record, since this is not yet available I may refer you to create an enhancement into out ideas page here, but here is something I tried that works also via rbv_api.setBinaryFieldValue.

1. Create an extra "Textarea" field to store the binary value of your Image Upload field via rbv_api.getBinaryData - do this via trigger
2. Create an object script trigger that run the rbv_api.setBinaryFieldValue, no timing. See sample code.

   * If you want to copy also the file name then create a "text" field that stores the file name of your Image upload and will replace the testName.jpeg in the code below with the text token

rbv_api.setBinaryFieldValue("objectname", {!id}, "image_field", "{!binary_textArea}", "text/plain", "testName.jpeg");

3. Before exporting the XML make sure that the binary has been captured
4. Install the XML to other tenant
5. Do the Run trigger to the object with the code in step #2

Hope this may help.



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