"On finalize" triggers do not work on Portals

Posted by romain.pennes@foederis.fr on 18-Mar-2015 08:01


When a trigger timing is set to run "On finalize", the trigger runs fine on the UI side but no on the portal side.

The following trigger is set to run "on finalize" and write a string in a "debug" log file.

When creating or updating a record from the UI, the string "On finalize trigger called" is printed on the log file.
However, when creating or updating a record from the portal, the log file is not being updated, which shows that the trigger has not been called.

We noticed this in our Private Cloud instance and in Rollbase Hosted Cloud (current version).

Can you take a look at this?


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Posted by pvorobie on 18-Mar-2015 12:23

I confirm defect, tracking as PSC00329207

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