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Posted by Harrie Kuijper on 13-Mar-2015 07:45

Hi all,

I have a short question. We are currently developing a portal in Rollbase. By default, Rollbase portals have the "forgot password" functionality, which allows customers to change their password by themselves if they forgot it. Is there a way we can modify this page's layout and style? I couldn't find it.



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Posted by on 13-Mar-2015 09:17


I don't think we can change it, which is a shame.

We would like the ability to change this page as well. (Modify the text message, add a title, some links ...)



Posted by Mani Kumar on 13-Mar-2015 09:49

Hi Harrie/ Romain,

I'm not sure about editing the existing Forgot Password page.

However, you can create your own custom Forgot Password page to retrieve forgotten passwords, where you can add your custom changes. Please follow below documentation URL for more information :



Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 16-Mar-2015 12:55
Hi Harrie,

If you're on private cloud, you can update the forgot password page from \Rollbase\Pas_Instance\webapps\prod1\portal. Look for the forgotPassword.jsp file and update it.

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