Displaying Events in the Calendar with regards to the parent

Posted by Meryk on 10-Mar-2015 09:23

I have two objects A and B, both containing an Event attribute.

I want to display all this events (coming from these both objects A and B) in the calendar, but in a different way so I can recognize those coming from A and those coming from B.

Simply, I would like them to have different colors once displayed in the Calendar.

Is that possible please? if not can we manage to display them differently adding a text for example ?

Thank you


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Posted by Godfrey Sorita on 10-Mar-2015 11:55

If these are the only object with event attribute, then you can use the Show filter to display all Events. This will display all your events on A and B. 

I believe the calendar colors are not configurable. The object from which the record belongs to is displayed in the calendar. Below is a screenshot of my calendar component. 

Notice that Event 1 and Event 2 object names are added to the event subject.

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