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Posted by nitharshan on 10-Mar-2015 00:36

Hi All,

In my rollbase web application, I tried some third party   REST API's by  $.ajax({}) function. But i'm not sure, which's the correct way..(Is there any best way to integrate the external REST ,SOAP services with rollbase web Apps) Any suggestion??

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Posted by Srinivas Panyala on 10-Mar-2015 04:22

Rollbase provides the following ServerSide APIs to invoke REST APIs

* rbv_api.sendHttpGet()

* rbv_api.sendHttpPost()

* rbv_api.sendJSONRequest()

* rbv_api.getHTTPParameter()

documentation is available @



Posted by pvorobie on 10-Mar-2015 11:28

I would not recommend using Rollbase REST API on UI pages for scalability reasons. Please consider using client-side API instead.

Posted by nitharshan on 11-Mar-2015 23:18

Thanks a lot Srinivas & pvorobie for the consideration..

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